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‘Emmerdale’ Spoilers: Aaron Dingle’s Prison Time Off Gets Off To A Shaky Start

He's set for a tough 12 months.

Monday (20 February) night’s ‘Emmerdale’ may have given fans plenty to cheer about - despite the fact the Robron wedding service didn’t actually happen… - but these new pictures reveal the difficulties ahead for Aaron Dingle.

Later this week, viewers will see him set to prison, with a 12 month sentence for what happened with Kasim, and the latest snaps give viewers their first glimpse at Aaron behind bars.

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Will Robert and Aaron actually get married before he's put behind bars? 

Robert - who may or not be husband at this point - visits Aaron to see how he’s settling in, but the fact they’ve decided to hide their relationship makes things difficult.

As they struggle to contain their emotions during Robert’s visit, there’s every chance an intimate moment between them could be spotted by a fellow inmate.

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Aaron finds it hard to hide his feelings in the visitors' room 

Chas’s first visit will also prove problematic, thanks to the fact she hits back when inmate Jason begins antagonising her son.

Things will then go from bad to worse, when the top dog in prison discovers that Aaron is Gordon’s son, and there’s every chance things could turn violent.

Well aware that he is just days into his stay, will Aaron turn to his family for help? Or try to keep his struggle private?

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Chas visits her son 

‘Emmerdale’ boss Iain MacLeod has previously teased the episodes, revealing that a new prison set was built for filming.

There will also be another standalone episode - similar to the one that explored Ashley Thomas’s story just before Christmas - exploring the various difficulties that face Aaron in prison.

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How will Aaron cope during the next 12 months?

“I say it’s about a day in the life of Aaron, but it’s as much as a day in the life of that family, what’s it like for somebody who’s loved their husband to prison, what’s it like for Liv losing her older brother/father figure to prison,” he told the Huffington Post UK and other reporters last week. “What’s it like for Chas?

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Aaron faces his first confrontation 

“We thought we’d do something because it’s quite topical as well in that there’s a lot of news issues around prison and prison life and the kind of challenges people face in prison so we just thought it was a really good opportunity to explore some of that using a really well liked group of characters.”

These ‘Emmerdale’ scenes air from Monday 27 February. Catch up on all the latest soap news and spoilers here.

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