20/02/2017 19:37 GMT

‘Emmerdale’: Robron Wedding Interrupted By Police, As Faith Dingle’s Accused Of Murder


Emmerdale’s Robron wedding week got off to a suitably dramatic start on Monday (20 February), when police burst into the Woolpack just as the couple were about to say their vows.

But it wasn’t Aaron Dingle or Robert Sugden who were in trouble, as it was Faith Dingle that they were looking for.

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We seriously hope Robron manage to get married 

Until now, Faith’s real reason for arriving in the village has been a mystery, but it now seems she may be on the run, as the ceremony was rudely interrupted by an unidentified woman burst into the pub and said: “That’s her, Constable, that’s the black widow... who murdered my dad.”

Viewers will now have to watch this space to see whether Robron can get their wedding back on track, and get hitched before Aaron’s sentencing.

Is Faith about to be going to prison as well?

The police’s arrival wasn’t the only shock of the episode, as Debbie also revealed plans to run off to Prague, where her daughter Sarah can get potentially life-saving treatment.

David Metcalfe also made a revelation, as he told Tracey that he’s found a lump, just months after going into remission following his testicular cancer treatment.

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