19/05/2019 00:45 BST

Eurovision 2019: The 17 Most Ridiculous Moments From The Song Contest

It was a night of camp, questionable performances and, errm, bondage.

After a marathon four-hour show, Eurovision is over for another year. 

And while it certainly was not one to remember for the UK, there was a lot to enjoy as Europe came together for the 64th annual Song Contest. 

But if you missed it, or maybe just can’t get enough Eurovision action, these were the ridiculous moments that kept us entertained...

1. The opening montage blatantly taking inspiration from last year’s Love Island trailer


Caroline Flack is foaming. 


2. Dana International opening the show and somehow looking 21 years younger than she did when she won the contest back in 1998


For that reason, we’ll forgive her for the lip-syncing. 

3. Everything about the San Marino entry


A) The lyrics B) The dancers, and C) The Pitbull tribute act performing it. 

4. One of the hosts cracking a joke about Grindr


“We all have lots of apps on our phones. Ones to get around, ones to order food and a certain one that’s on fire right now thanks to all the handsome tourists in town.”

5. Sweden becoming an instant meme

 6. A couple of fencers turning up to face-off during Greece’s performance


Oh right. 

7. The yodelling the bloke seen here on the right was doing during Norway’s performance


As Graham Norton said, only at Eurovision. 

8. Iceland turning the Eurovision stage into a S&M sex dungeon


That’s not why mums go to Iceland. 

9. Azerbaijan doing away with backing dancers and replacing them with a pair of laser robots


Yet another example of robots doing humans out of a job. 

10. Australia performing their song on 16ft swaying poles


We were shook. 

11. Conchita turning up for the interval show with a whole new look


Consider our wig (and indeed his wig) well and truly snatched. 

12. Verka rocking up to cover Netta’s Toy


Just in case you were in any doubt that Eurovision could get any camper. 

13. Graham Norton praising Madonna for turning up to work “despite what looks like a nasty case of conjunctivitis” 


His commentary never lets us down. 

14. Netta’s interval act outfit


Big Bird is the only other person who could pull off this much yellow. 

15. Madonna featuring a set of stairs and a cape in her performance like the Brit Awards 2015 never happened


Did she not learn her lesson last time?!

16. Rylan announcing the UK result in front of a picture of London’s Tower Bridge, despite everyone knowing he was actually in Tel Aviv


The magic of TV. 

17. Oh, then there was the embarrassment of the UK finishing at the very bottom of the pile


Yep, we won just 16 points and finished 26th out of a possible 26. 

At least there’s always next year, right?

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