Eurovision 2018: The Most Ridiculous Moments From The Eurovision Song Contest

'Hard Rock Hallelujah' was just the tip of the iceberg.

The Eurovision Song Contest takes place in Kyiv on Saturday, and we’re all brimming with excitement to watch hours of music performances from around the continent - but mostly we just want to see the weird bits.

There’s often a lot of strange moments during the competition, so here’s a look back at 14 of our favourites.

When Ireland put forward a turkey to sing for them

Yes, in 2008 Ireland chose a turkey puppet as their entry for the competition. Dustin the Turkey is apparently a TV presenter for RTÉ and has previously released a few singles.

When these rather attractive creatures from Finland won

When Athens held the contest back in 2006, Finnish horror rock group Lordi stormed through to the winners' circle despite looking like something that fell out of Pete Doherty's nose.

Who could forget the singing Russian grannies?

Across the world virtually no one was able to dislike Buranovskiye Babushki with their catchy track "Party For Everybody", but they ended up in second place in 2012.

Sax guy

Moldova's 2010 entry was so eccentric that the saxophone player became an internet hit and you can now find videos of his catchy solo that run for 10 hours straight.

That time some Greek military police wannabes sang a weird song about passwords

Greek singer Michalis Rakintzis left us all confused in 2002 when he took to the stage with a band of people dressed like some really low quality military police, and they performed a peculiar electronica ditty about passwords.

The UK's incredibly embarrassing plane themed entry

Scooch. That is all.

This naked bloke and his holographic wolves

Sadly Belarusian IVAN was knocked out at the semi-final stage in 2016's contest, despite having the most high tech performance ever.

The busty milkmaids

Poland's entry in 2014 involved some very sexual milk maids who stole the show.

When a song called “We Are the Winners of Eurovision” only managed to place Lithuanian boy band LT United in sixth place

It's not exactly the most enjoyable song, and the lyrics just make it even worse. Sadly their prophecy didn't come true and they were lumped with sixth place in 2006.

When these people dressed in tin foil managed to win second place

Ukraine's entry in 2007 was Verka Serdyuchka, an alter ego of comedian Andriy Mykhailovych Danylko. Knowing that it's all a joke makes it much easier to take in, but we wouldn't have been surprised if it was actually a serious entry.

And that time Jedward copied their costumes

They've been in the competition twice and both times it wasn't amazing, but this one was downright odd.

Ovbiously there was that time West Germany had an act based around a disco dancing Genghis Khan

There's just so much to say about this we're not sure where to start.

When Dracula showed off his vocal range

Drawing on his country’s deep heritage in vampire folk lore, Romanian singer Cezar decided to dress up as Dracula and sing like him. But then he went painfully high and things just got a bit weird. Then they brought in the dubstep and it just became utterly ridiculous.

And whatever this is


The contest this year will be aired on BBC One at 8pm on Saturday 12 May.