Exclusive: Rishi Sunak Accused Of 'Stuffing' Public Meeting With Tory Members

Councillors and Conservative candidates were among the audience at the PM Connect event.
Rishi Sunak at the PM Connect event at Accrington Stanley Football Club.
Rishi Sunak at the PM Connect event at Accrington Stanley Football Club.
Christopher Furlong via Getty Images

Senior Tories were among the audience at an event billed as a public Q&A with Rishi Sunak, HuffPost UK has learned.

Councillors and party candidates had prime seats at this morning’s ‘PM Connect’ at Accrington Stanley Football Club’s ground in Lancashire.

They included Mike Prendergast, who stood for the Tories in last year’s West Lancashire by-election.

Some of them could clearly be seen on the front row of the audience as the PM took questions from those present.

A Labour source said: “Our unelected prime minister first refuses to name the date he’ll hold an election. Now he’s stuffing voter events with his supporters. Rishi Sunak is running scared.

“The Tory record is a crashed economy, which left working people saddled with rocketing mortgages and bills. It’s no wonder he won’t face the electorate.

“No amount of stage management can cover up the public desire for change. It’s the power of the vote that Rishi fears.”

But a Conservative spokesperson said: “Around 200 people attended PM connect in Accrington this morning.

“It is hardly surprising that a small number of elected councillors were in attendance along with local candidates who wanted to see the PM.”


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