Rishi Sunak Keeps Getting Community Noted On X For Posting Misleading Claims

The prime minister has been rebuked three times already in 2024.
It's been a tough start to 2024 for Rishi Sunak.
It's been a tough start to 2024 for Rishi Sunak.
WPA Pool via Getty Images

Rishi Sunak has been repeatedly rapped for posting misleading claims on X, the social media platform formerly known as Twitter.

Since New Year’s Eve, the prime minister has been “community noted” on numerous occasions following a series of posts boasting about the government’s performance.

The notes are added by X users with links to online articles pointing out why the PM’s claims are wrong.

In his New Year’s message on December 31, Sunak said the Tories were “cutting taxes” and “bringing NHS waiting lists down”.

But a community note showed that taxes are actually going up overall, while waiting lists are at record highs.

Just two days later, the prime minister landed in hot water after he claimed the government had “cleared” the backlog of so-called “legacy” asylum claims dating back to before June 2022.

But he failed to mention that 4,500 “complex” claims had not been resolved, with a further 17,000 being withdrawn.

On January 4, the PM’s claim that the government was keeping its promise to “halve inflation then cut your taxes” was also called into question.

The community note said the fall in inflation “mirrors the international trend” and that the tax burden was increasing overall.

And on Saturday, in a post coinciding with a fall in the rate of National Insurance, Sunak was again pulled up for repeating his claim that the government was “able to now cut taxes”.

The accompany community note pointed out that the independent Office for Budget Responsibility has said that will merely reduce the overall tax burden, which is still going up.


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