Exclusive: Tories Accused Of 'Taking Leaf Out Of Donald Trump Playbook' With Cash Plea Tactic

The Conservatives' email to their supporters is eerily similar to the former president's.
Former US President Donald Trump.
Former US President Donald Trump.
Michael Gonzalez via Getty Images

The Conservative Party has been accused of “taking a leaf out of Donald Trump’s playbook” in a bid to secure more funding for the party.

In an email to supporters, the Tories made an unusual offer to those willing to give them money.

It said: “The team will report back to the Conservative Party Chairman to show him the list of people helping to lead the fightback. Will your name be on the list?”

Tory deputy chairman Lee Anderson adopted the same approach in his newsletters, saying: “Last chance to chip in any amount today and your name will be on our supporters list when I brief the chairman tomorrow at 5pm.”

The tactic is almost identical to one employed by former US president Trump.

An email from his team, seen by HuffPost UK, says: “President Trump keeps asking about you. He knows YOU are a TOP supporter who will ALWAYS have his back NO matter what.

“We are handing him the FINAL Donor List soon, and we want to make sure YOUR NAME is at the VERY TOP.

”Please contribute ANY AMOUNT to get your name on top of the donor list.”

A Liberal Democrat source said: “It’s hardly surprising to see the Conservatives taking a leaf straight out of Donald Trump’s playbook.

“The Conservative Party has abandoned moderate voters in the centre ground and are using Trumpian tactics in a desperate attempt to shore up their vote.

“It is toxic to voters in the Blue Wall who just want a competent government instead of endless Conservative chaos”.

The Conservatives were approached for comment.


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