Overly-Expressive Baby Charms The Internet With These 10 Hilarious Faces

The 'WTF' face is our favourite 😂.

Since the birth of her son four months ago, Molly Mikos has been blown away by what an incredibly expressive face he has.

The mother, from Chicago, US, said her son Danny’s expressions are ones you’d usually only see on adults.

So instead of keeping the amusement to herself, Mikos set up a dedicated Instagram account - Danny’s Baby Faces - for all to see.

Here are 10 of our favourites.

1. The Disgusted Face

2. The Skeptical Face

3. The Bored Face

4. The Shocked Face

5. The WTF Face

6. The Scheming Face

7. The Confused Face

8. The Angel Face

9. The Chilled Out Face

10. The Not Bothered Face

To follow the hilarious expressions, follow the mum on Instagram.

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