French Family Have A Barbecue On The Hard Shoulder Of The M6 Motorway, And Police Issue A Warning


Britain is a green and pleasant land, enjoying one of its most glorious summers in living memory.

So where better to set up a barbecue than the hard shoulder of one the UK’s busiest motorways.

That was the scene confronting highways police on Sunday morning when a French family adopted a cavalier approach to the BBQ season while in Lancashire.

In what could turn out to be the tweet of the year, the North West Motorway Police took to social media to reveal: “Highways have just attended at an incident where a French family were having a barbecue on the hard shoulder of the M6 at Lancaster.

“Remember the hard shoulder is for emergencies and not delicacies.”

“Remember the hard shoulder is for emergencies and not delicacies”. Wow.

As was to be expected, social media thoroughly enjoyed the warning.


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