This 5-Minute Full-Body Workout Is Designed For Busy Parents

Never have time to exercise? This workout is for you.
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You’re reading Move, the nudge we need to get active, however makes us happiest and healthiest.

It’s a new year and you want to get your fitness routine back on track, but the kids have other ideas.

Juggling any form of self-care alongside childcare can be a challenge – and that includes getting enough exercise to feel strong and happy in your body.

It’s one reason why qualified personal trainer and nutrition coach Sarah Campus creates bitesize workouts for parents.

The founder of LDN Mums Fitness specialises in pregnancy and postpartum diet, fitness, and wellness, but to kick off 2022, she’s teamed up with HuffPost UK to provide a quick, five-minute workout for any parents who feel short on time.

“If you’re looking to build or tone your muscles, a combination of these exercises and balanced nutrition will help – but it doesn’t have to feel like hard work, and it is enjoyable,” she says. “This quick five-minute workout can be completed at home, or wherever you are. These moves are suitable for pregnancy and postpartum, they are body weight, so require no equipment, so no excuses not to get it done. Repeat regularly to help you build muscle and feel stronger in no time.”

There are five moves and each lasts just 45 seconds before you get a rest. You can do it!

Squat and Press

45 seconds on. Rest for 15 seconds.

Sarah Campus
  • Stand with feet shoulder width apart and knees slightly bent

  • Bend your knees and descend into a full squat position

  • Ensure your weight is in your heels, and your chest is up

  • Engage through the quads, glutes and hamstrings and come back up and press your arms up

  • As you come up squeeze you glutes (bum), thrust your hips forward and tighten your pelvic floor

  • As you come down descend back into the squat position and hold for two seconds, then repeat.

Press Ups

45 seconds on. Rest for 15 seconds.

Sarah Campus
  • Get down on all fours, placing your hands slightly wider than your shoulders

  • Make sure your wrists are in line with your shoulders

  • Keep your feet straight behind you on tip toes (or bend on your knees to make it easier)

  • Bring your whole body down in a straight line, keeping the core muscle tight

  • If you are on your knees, still bring your body down in a straight line

  • Then drive through the palms and bring yourself back up.

Glute Bridge

45 seconds on. Rest for 15 seconds.

Sarah Campus
  • Lie on your back with your arms by your sides

  • Bend your knees and keep your feet planted on the floor

  • Squeeze your glutes

  • Press through your heels and drive your hips up so you form a straight line from your knees to your shoulders

  • Tuck the chin into the chest then hold at the top of the movement for two seconds.

  • Squeeze you glutes and pelvic floor at the top pushing your hips up to the sky

  • Hold for a few seconds then slowly lower.

Star Jump

45 seconds on. Rest for 15 seconds.

Sarah Campus
  • Start in a quarter squat position with your back flat, feet together, and palms touching the sides of your lower legs

  • Jump up, raising your arms and legs out to your sides (your body should form an “X” in mid-air)

  • Land softly with your feet together and immediately lower yourself back into the starting position

  • Modify by stepping out your leg and your arms alternating and avoid the jumping.

Knee Drive

45 seconds on. Rest for 15 seconds.

Sarah Campus
Sarah Campus
Sarah Campus
  • The aim is to lift your hips until they align into a straight line from the crown of your head down to the soles of your feet
  • Keep your glutes squeezed and abdominals contracted

  • Raise your right knee up toward your chest, then slowly lower so your right foot is back resting on your left foot.

Move celebrates exercise in all its forms, with accessible features encouraging you to add movement into your day – because it’s not just good for the body, but the mind, too. We get it: workouts can be a bit of a slog, but there are ways you can move more without dreading it. Whether you love hikes, bike rides, YouTube workouts or hula hoop routines, exercise should be something to enjoy.

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