ICYMI Pop Legend Feargal Sharkey Praised For Heartfelt Plea For Middle East Peace

The Undertones singer said the Good Friday Agreement showed what "peace, prosperity and diplomacy and democracy looks like".
Feargal Sharkey's moving monologue has won praise.
Feargal Sharkey's moving monologue has won praise.

Pop legend Feargal Sharkey has been praised for making a heartfelt plea for peace in Israel and Gaza.

The Undertones singer-turned-environmental-campaigner delivered an emotional monologue on this week’s Have I Got News For You.

Sharkey, who is from Northern Ireland, pointed out that it is 25 years since the Good Friday Agreement marked the end of the Troubles in his own country.

He said: “For 25 years the people of Northern Ireland have been able to prosper and grow and blossom, and have discovered that this thing peace is a very delicate beautiful little flower that needs nurturing, caressing and supporting.

“I do wish that the people of Gaza and Palestine, and Israel get to discover what 25 years of peace, prosperity and diplomacy and democracy looks like. And that those people can blossom into a much more confident, much brighter future for everyone involved. This has worked for Northern Ireland.”

Sharley’s comments were met with applause and cheers from both the audience and his fellow contestants, including Paul Merton, Ian Hislop and presenter Jo Brand.

A clip of Sharkey’s comments quickly went viral on X (formerly Twitter), with users of the social media platform heaping praise on him.

One described Sharkey as “a national treasure”, while another said: “Just pragmatic love & no fluff. Looking beyond with hope. So different to all the other discourse. A giant of a man.”


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