have i got news for you

The former Communards star has been "wary" of what he says since letting out a "bad word" on the BBC panel show.
The corporation received multiple complaints who felt the joke was "inappropriate, and could incite violence".
The BBC panel show's team captain said critics believe they are “Momentum-inspired, lefty lunatics”.
The satirical panel show debuted on BBC Two on 28 September 1990.
The PM's chief advisor was the subject of a "pitch perfect" monologue from the journalist and broadcaster.
The Netflix series' creator hosted the BBC panel show on Friday.
Eamonn's recent comments about a coronavirus conspiracy theory have clearly not been forgotten by the BBC panel show.
"Go out in the garden, have a bit of sunshine, and stop believing complete rubbish," the Have I Got News For You panellist said.
This week's episode – which saw the panellists satirising the week's news from their own homes – got a mixed reception.
The topical BBC panel show has had to adapt due to social distancing rules.