Good Friday Agreement

US President-elect had previously said the Good Friday Agreement must not "become a casualty of Brexit".
President-elect spoke to Irish Taoiseach Micheál Martin as well as Boris Johnson on Tuesday.
US presidential nominee's remarks show “the scale of damage” the UK government has done to "Britain’s standing in the world", Labour's Lisa Nandy says.
Jonathan Powell, one of the architects of the Good Friday Agreement that helped bring peace to Northern Ireland, said the PM's plan is "not a serious proposal".
Our prime minister claims he wants to keep the Good Friday Agreement safe, yet his desire to push through a no-deal Brexit makes that impossible, Best for Britain CEO Naomi Smith writes.
"There is bipartisan consensus against blowing up the Good Friday agreement."
During trip to London, Speaker of the House says peace in Northern Ireland must not be jeopardised.
The idea of tampering with a ground-breaking peace deal to get May off the hook on Brexit is maddening and ominous in equal measure
Downing Street dismisses report PM is considering amending the Good Friday Agreement.
Two decades have passed since 29 people lost their lives in Real IRA attack.
Immigration minister said she was 'probably giving birth' when it was published.
At long last, it would appear as if some progress has been made on the British-Irish border. However, it’s a strange sort
Conciliation and realism are missing from much of our political discourse - that shift is threatening the success of the project
Shadow trade secretary branded 'reckless' for Northern Ireland border comments.
Inside The Community That Voted Least For Brexit And Could Suffer Most If A Hard Irish Border Happens.
Tory MP claimed Labour leader voted against the Good Friday Agreement.
Former PM says Brexiteers willing to sacrifice peace in Northern Ireland
Near-unanimous vote comes from CLP already unhappy with their MP's Brexit stance.
'Getting rid of mandatory coalition is not tinkering, it is a fundamental change,' Hoey told.
Karen Bradley faces down Brexiteer critics of Good Friday Agreement, but says she has 'no choice'.