If You’re Nosy Like Me, Then You’ll Also Love Knowing What Readers Bought In February

From wrinkle-reducing eye creams, to oven cleaning kits, these are the products you were loving in the last month.
These are the Amazon products you guys couldn't get enough of in February
These are the Amazon products you guys couldn't get enough of in February

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Aah, my favourite time of the month! As someone who delights in knowing everybody’s business, trawling through the data to find out which Amazon products from our February articles have sold the most genuinely fills me with joy.

Amongst the usual cleaning and organisation classics, I’m pleased to report that quite a few skincare and beauty buys also snuck their way onto the bestsellers list. And clearly many of you are thinking about your holidays, as hand luggage buys also proved popular.

So, without further ado, here’s what you bought in February...

This lemongrass scented spray is currently being spritzed in loads of your homes
Made from pure essential oils and 100% natural ingredients, this gorgeous spray works well both as a general room spray, as well as on linens and fresh laundry. It comes in loads of different scents, but this lemongrass one has been a real hit with our shoppers.
And this bestselling carpet stain remover was once again a top seller
This deep cleaning carpet stain remover from Dr Beckman really is one of those products that once you try, you'll wonder how you lived without it. It's super easy to use and works to blast deep set stains out.
Loads of you were upping your manicure game with this heavy duty top coat
This top coat will quickly become your secret weapon for keeping your nails strong and manicures looking great throughout the unforgiving winter months. Plus, you can expect no chipping for up to two whole weeks.
These scrubbing brushes are being used on the tiles of many HuffPost shoppers' bathrooms
In this handy set, you’ll get a larger brush for tackling tile grouting and shower door tracks, and a smaller one with a wiper blade that’ll help you get into any tight spots and crevices.
And this genius pen is also proving popular for reviving grotty grouting
This nifty pen will revive and restore your grubby grout in just one swipe, giving your bathroom an instant makeover. You can safely spruce up your tiles without the need for any scrubbing, bleaching, or power washing.
Many of you swapped the disposable cotton rounds for these reusable ones
Sure to leave your disposable ones in the dust, this pack of thirty reusable rounds are made from super soft and sustainable bamboo, come with a handy wash bag that’ll keep them together in your washing machine, and have lasted reviewers for ages.
Keen to kickstart the spring cleaning, our shoppers snapped up this white vinegar
A non-scratch cleaner made from completely natural ingredients, white vinegar can tackle a myriad of tasks. It’s particularly useful for cleaning glass, as it leaves a great streak-free finish.
Readers with air fryers added this cookbook straight to their baskets
If you’re new to the wonderful world of air frying, then this cookbook is a worthwhile buy. It’s got over 500 simple recipes for you to flick through, caters to all dietary requirements, and has been helpfully written using all UK measurements and metrics.
And you also loved this powerful spray that removes any stains from a mattress
With no scrubbing necessary, this impressive spray is capable of removing any and all tough organic stains from a mattress — whether they’re fresh or dried-in.
When it came to skincare, this retinol eye cream was this month’s stand-out winner
A much-hyped product, all you need to do is put a tiny amount of this gorgeous eye cream under each eye at night before applying your moisturiser, and you’ll quickly start to notice that any lines will soften, and your skin will appear more plump.
And as always, you also couldn’t get enough of these hydrocolloid spot patches
Rather than squeezing at a tiny spot so much that it ends up morphing into a far more obvious and angry red bump, cover it with these hydrocolloid patches that help hide them while also healing them.
This colour restorer was a popular purchase for those with wooden garden furniture
Just what your ancient picnic bench needs, a coating of this spray will deepen and restore the rich colour of any greying wooden outdoor furniture, while also providing it with a water-repellant layer so it’ll stay looking its best for longer.
This lip repair ointment was added to loads of your baskets
According to its thousands of rave reviews, you can truly trust this ointment to bring your dry lips back to life. Infused with vitamins, shea butter, and chamomile essence, it’s the nourishing treat your smackers deserve.
For your upcoming travels, loads of you nabbed these see-through plastic bags
Remember that even if you’re taking a suitcase to go in the overhead lockers, you’ll still have to decant your toiletries into a see-through bag before going through security. So, get ahead of the game by picking up some of your own.
And you also bought this 3-in-1 charger to avoid cable chaos in your hand luggage
Too many cables will bring chaos to your carry-on bag, so go for a 3-in-1 gadget like this. With IP, Micro-USB, and Type-C ports, this is all you need to keep any devices charged. Best of all, its cable is fully retractable, so it’s incredibly compact to store.
For mould and mildew, you snapped up this powerful spray
Especially great for using in the bathroom, this nifty spray eliminates nasty mould stains, as well as preventing any regrowth. Just beware that it packs a real punch — so crack a window while you’re using it.
These eco-friendly drain cleaning sticks sold really well
Drains are really annoying to clean, so once you've tackled yours, you'll want to put off doing so again for as long as possible. These enzyme-packed sticks slowly dissolve, breaking down whatever's in your drain with them, and leave a nice smell behind 'em too.
We were really surprised by how well this compact pill organiser sold
Boxes for medication can be really clunky, so decant the exact amount of pills you’ll need for your trip away into this clever case. Just remember to also pack some painkillers if you’re expecting a few late nights.
And this super handy pack of fifty eco-friendly bin bags also sold really well
There’s nothing worse than going to empty the bin, only for the bag to split, and your floor getting covered with a load of disgusting juice and rubbish. Both durable and eco-friendly, this roll of fifty bags are made of far stronger stuff.
Keen to get the perfect smile for summer, you snapped up these whitening strips
Designed to provide whitening results within just three days, these strips are simple to use and have loads of great reviews. Best of all, they’re free from harsh chemicals like peroxide and fluoride — so are even suitable for those with sensitive teeth.
To tackle your bathrooms, you put your trust in this limescale removing foam
Boasting a professional formula, this foam solution will quickly and easily remove limescale and other deposits from tiles, shower doors, taps, and more.
And you bought this shower screen protector to stop any build-up in the long run
This genius shower solution comes with a handy hose, and is designed to be sprayed, left, and rinsed after eight hours. There’s no scrubbing required, and you’ll genuinely be amazed by the amount of grime that comes right off your tiles.
For headache and migraine sufferers, this relief stick proved really popular
If looking at screens all day often leaves you with a pounding headache, then a couple of swipes of this lovely formula over your forehead will give you some much-needed relief within a couple of minutes.
Once again, these electric toothbrush holders were at the top of our bestsellers list
If you’ve got an electric toothbrush, then you’ll know all too well how annoying it is that they leave behind that horrid grimy on your sink — but also don’t fit in most regular toothbrush pots. This pair of self-adhesive mounts will completely solve this problem.
This powerful foaming toilet cleaner was popular amongst our shoppers
Not only is the foaming element of this cleaner kind of fun, it's also a great way to ensure your loo is being ~thoroughly~ cleaned. I love that this toilet reaches below the surface of your toilet and tackles light limescale buildup and grime. Plus, it doesn't hurt that it cuts down on your scrubbing time.
Loads of you used this powerful paste and sponge to bring your ovens back to life
In this kit, you’ll get a biodegradable and non-toxic paste that's perfect for cleaning the oven to the shower screen, and a cult-favourite Scrub Mommy sponge to apply it with.
And then you also bought these non-stick liners to keep it clean in the long run
They can withstand temperatures of up to 260°C, and you can just remove them and clean them with washing-up liquid when they get a bit grimy. They're dishwasher-safe too, so there's basically no excuse to let your oven reach chip shop levels of grease again.