21 Cheat Products That Will Take The Hard Work Out Of Cleaning Your Bathroom

From electric scrubbing brushes to a clever descaling tool, these buys will make cleaning a breeze.
Achieve a pristine bathroom using half the amount of energy? Sign us up.
Achieve a pristine bathroom using half the amount of energy? Sign us up.

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Of course cleaning is a chore, but why does the bathroom always feel like an especially big task?

Whether black mould keeps reappearing, your fresh grout is thing of the past, or you’re tired of not being able to get into all those nooks and crannies, bathrooms can feel like they’re in constant need of a deep clean.

But what would you say if we told you that you could still achieve that spotless, sparkling bathroom whilst only putting in half the effort? Well, these helpful purchases will take on the hard work for you, making your cleaning routine a breeze.

This loo brush dispenses your cleaning product as you clean
This nifty toilet brush has a unique handle that dispenses your cleaning product straight from the brush head. Its 360° silicone bristle head cleans those hard-to-reach areas and tough stains, whilst never changing its shape so making it perfect for cleaning.
This fragrant fizzing powder will leave your loo sparkling
Keep your toilet clean, free of limescale and smelling great in between deep cleans with this foaming powder. Giving a boost with every use, tip a capful of powder into the bowl and leave overnight for the best action results.
Clean your bathroom in five minutes with this kitchen tool
A Dishmatic doesn’t just have to live by the kitchen sink, in fact, it also makes a great universal cleaning tool. Simply pop in your cleaning product (or even washing up liquid) and watch it soap up as you get scrubbing.
This must-have cleaning essential now comes in a fresh rose scent
Working to kill bacteria, this white vinegar spray is a hassle-free and quick solution for leaving your surfaces sparkling clean. Whether you’re using it as a streak-free glass cleaner or sanitising your loo, you also don’t have to hold your nose to mask that pungent vinegar smell as it includes a floral air freshening fragrance.
Give your bathroom a quick once over with these essential wipes
Great for all-round bathroom cleaning, this resealable pack of antibacterial wipes gets rid of tough dirt and leaves your surfaces hygienically spotless. It even has a long-lasting fresh scent, perfect for a quick clean before any last-minute guests arrive.
An all-purpose bathroom spray is a cleaning must-have
Use this biodegradable and non-toxic formula to quickly spritz your surfaces clean. From the sink to your toilet seat, it’ll help take away any remaining hard water stains and soap scum whilst leaving behind a fresh minty scent.
Say goodbye to grimy grout with this hassle-free solution
This nifty pen will revive and restore your grubby grout in just one swipe, giving your bathroom an instant makeover. You can safely spruce up your tiles without the need for any scrubbing, bleaching, or power washing.
This clever tool is great at removing limescale from your taps
There’s no need for endless scrubbing trying to diminish limescale when you’ve got this tool. Just fill your Limey with your cleaning product of choice and fit it onto the end of your tap. The nozzle will sit submerged in the solution, breaking down all the grime without you even having to do anything.
Save your energy with this electric scrubbing brush
Get into all those difficult-to-reach places with this electric brush that effortlessly scrubs away at your bathroom. Doing the hard work for you, you can reduce the amount of time you spend cleaning.
Diminish black mould with this foaming spray
If your shower is prone to making a home for black mould, this removal spray will be your new best friend. With no scrubbing needed, pop this foamy spray onto the affected damp areas and leave for a few minutes before wiping it away.
No cleaning products are needed with this window and glass glove
Looking for an easy way to leave your glass and mirrored surfaced looking streak-free and polished? Just add water to this microfibre cloth glove and wipe away any dirty marks or smears, without needing to use any cleaning products.
Keeping your shower clean has never been so easy with this daily spray
Get a crystal-shining shower without any scrubbing thanks to this daily shower spray. With a comforting scent of white lilies, just spritz this and watch the dirt and limescale build-up dissolve away in just a few minutes.
Just add water to these microfibre cloths for a pristine clean
Get your hands on these bathroom cloths that just require water to remove grease, grime, and bacteria. Containing one cleaning cloth and one polishing cloth, you’ll be all set to achieve a spotless clean.
Prevent limescale and dirt build-up with this shower screen protector
Preventing limescale, dirt, and soap scum, this shower shield will make your cleaning routine quick and easy by forming a protective layer on your bathroom surfaces.
Enjoy a firm grip as you clean with this handle sponge brush
Your regular sponge has just been upgraded with a comfortable and non-slip handle, so you can keep a secure grip. Its stiff bristles gently scrub away grubby grime from your tub, tiles, walls, or floor.
Wave goodbye to hours of mopping with this no rinse floor cleaner
Putting an end to dust, dirt, and stains, this floor cleaner leaves behind no residue making it ideal to use on vinyl, ceramics, and lino. Leaving your bathroom floor shining, its one litre bottle will give you enough for multiple cleans.
This extendable brush will save you energy during your deep cleans
This steady tool’s 180° rotating design and extendable handle mean no more constant bending down, standing on your tip toes, or suffering from post-cleaning back pain, as it gets in all the difficult corners, whether high or low.
Give your drain pipes a deep clean by using this easy unblocking foam
This powerful liquid gets to action by cleaning and unblocking your pipes, with its expanding foam reaching the entire pipe wall. Giving your drains a refresh, this cleaner also works to eliminate any bad odours.
Clear your pipes from hair with this handy cleaning brush
Insert this clever cleaning brush down the plughole using its flexible handle, and watch as hair, rubbish, and any other gunky obstructions are effectively removed in one go.
This cleaning paste is tough on stubborn marks
Smear this paste onto your surfaces, from ceramic tiles to sinks and showers, and scrub to help remove rust, discolouration, and stains.
The clue is in the name with this magic eraser
With their unique three-layer dense wave design, these long-lasting foam blocks wipe away any scratches or traces of dirt that you come across during your deep clean.