Ferne McCann Inspires Mums To Share The Odd Smells They Craved During Pregnancy

'Eau de damp sponge anyone?

Ferne McCann has revealed in recent weeks her pregnancy cravings have developed from an appetite for salt and vinegar crisps into something altogether stranger.

The former TOWIE star told OK! magazine that although she spent her first and second trimester eating endless bags of crisps, now she is constantly craving the smell of damp sponges, or any source of built-up moisture.

“I’ve gone from craving salt and vinegar crisps to weird damp smells,” she said.

“I could sit here and take great pleasure in burying my nose in a sponge.”

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After hearing McCann’s story, we asked mums on Facebook whether they had any cravings for odd smells while pregnant and they didn’t disappoint.

Hannah Rees said: “Smelly socks. I had my brothers smelly socks in a zip lock bag and I used to sit down and just sniff the bag.”

“The smell of new carpets (had a few trips to ‘Carpet Right’ in those last few weeks) also petrol and alcohol hand wash [hand sanitiser],” said Sam Ryan.

“Lemon scented cleaning products, couldn’t get enough of them,” said Lyndsay Murphy.

And Aby Hawker said: “I craved rubber! I walked around with an elastic band on my wrist which I would sniff regularly and was frequently to be found in Halfords.”

According to NHS Choices, having a heightened sensitivity to smell is a classic symptom of early pregnancy, but for some women that change does not go away later on, and instead leaves them ‘craving’ smells.

This smell craving can also include a simultaneous strange taste in your mouth, which many women describe as metallic.

But this is nothing to worry about.

Dr Helen Webberley, GP at My Web Doctor said: “Clearly there are many hormonal changes going on and hormones are renowned for having many different effects.

“Some say that vitamin or mineral deficiencies can make women yearn for different food types, but again the actual evidence is limited.”

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