12 Thoughts Mums-To-Be Have About Pregnancy Cravings

Is this weird?

Mothers-to-be know that being pregnant doesn’t just make you feel like you want to eat more than normal, it can also make you completely desperate for foods that you’d normally not want anywhere near your plate.

Even Serena Williams has succumb to bizarre pregnancy cravings - albeit exceptionally healthy ones - after it emerged she sent fiancé Alexis Ohanian out to buy courgette, asparagus and artichoke, to satisfy her growing baby.

Despite knowing the cravings are coming, it doesn’t make them any less weird when they happen. Here are 12 thoughts pregnant women may find themselves thinking:

1. Why am I craving something that will definitely make me feel sick?

2. Why can’t I have cravings for healthy foods?

3. How does anyone eat healthily their whole pregnancy?

4. Why have I never eaten chocolate and cheese together before now?

5. What happens if the shops run out of Pot Noodles?

6. We must buy everything in bulk just in case we run out.

7. How many days in a row can I eat this one food?

8. If the baby wants this food, who am I to deny it?

9. The person who designed family-sharing portions doesn’t understand our needs.

10. How does my body know I want this food when I’ve never eaten it before?

11. The person who invented gherkins is a hero.

12. What happens if my cravings change in the next trimester?