15/05/2017 16:36 BST

'Fox & Moon' Diet Planners May 'Exacerbate Eating Disorders', Charity Warns

One diary says: 'Stop rewarding yourself with food, you are not a dog.'

A stationery company has been accused of fuelling eating disorders through the controversial slogans on its food diaries and diet planners. 

UK-based Fox & Moon sells diaries covered with phrases such as “I want to skinny dip not chunky dunk” and “stop rewarding yourself with food, you are not a dog”.

On Twitter, some have called the diaries “dangerous” while others have labelled them “eating disorder propaganda”.

The UK’s leading eating disorders charity, Beat, told HuffPost UK the diaries may “exacerbate the illness in those who are already suffering or vulnerable”. 

Fox Moon

Blogger Lottie L’amour was among the first to tweet about the planners after seeing a diary on Instagram reading: “Do it for the ‘holy shit you got hot’.”

“For people struggling with eating disorders, phrases like this can be really damaging,’ she told

“I don’t think they realise that words like this can trigger damaging eating habits that can lead to serious health problems and death in some cases.”

It wasn’t long before others slammed the slogans online.

Commenting on the backlash, a spokesperson from Beat said: “Eating disorders are serious mental illnesses with very complex causes and it’s important that this isn’t trivialised.

“It is unlikely that this kind of messaging would be the sole and direct cause of an eating disorder.

“However, it may exacerbate the illness in those who are already suffering or vulnerable.”

But others have argued the planners are just a bit of fun.

HuffPost UK has contacted Fox & Moon for comment and is awaiting a response. 

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