15/08/2018 16:19 BST | Updated 16/08/2018 09:42 BST

Company Conducts Job Interview Inside Video Game Fortnite

No, this is not a stunt.

The French marketing firm Dare.Win has taken a pretty bold approach to hiring by asking that for one of its roles the interview must take place within the hugely popular video game Fortnite.

The two six month paid internships would be based within the company’s creative team in Paris and would allow interns to work with a number of brands including PlayStation, Spotify, Barcardi and YouTube.

Those wishing to apply for the role are requested to add the company’s user ID on PlayStation Network (@DarewinFr) and then they can schedule a game together from there.


In case you’re wondering, you wouldn’t be playing against the team at Dare.Win, instead they’re seeing this as more of a collaborative effort where you would work alongside them to help win the game.

Throughout you’d be chatting about your experience, passion for the role and why you think you’d be best suited to it.

Now if you’re not one of the 20+ million people who play Fortnite, the company has also rather helpfully provided an email address allowing you to apply for the role in a much more conventional sense.

Speaking to the BBC, the company’s communication’s manager Manon Fargelat accepted it wasn’t a conventional way to hire a new employee and as such, it comes with some hurdles. “It’s hard even for us, to ask and answer questions and focus on the answers,” she admitted.

Fortnite has, it’s fair to say, become something of a phenomenon making its developers Epic Games a reported $300m in just one month though in-app purchases.

Played by everyone from Drake to international footballers, the easy-to-pickup video game pits its players against one another in a 100-player battle royale.

Available on the latest games consoles and on smartphones and tablets, the winner of the game is the last person or team who have survived until the game’s timer runs out or until there’s no one left.