'Groin! Groin!' Mum Accidentally Buys French Peppa Pig Dinner Set

'Oink' doesn't translate too well in French.

A mum who intended to delight her daughter with a new Peppa Pig dinner set made a slight error when choosing the language of the pig.

Maggy Vaneijk shared a picture of the bowl. “My kid just unwrapped her new Peppa dinner set and I accidentally ordered a French version,” she wrote.

“Now it says groin groin groin all over the plates and cup FFS.”

“Groin” in French translates to “snout”, which we can only guess is meant to be “oink” in English.

Luckily, Maggy tells HuffPost UK her daughter – who is only two – was too young to notice.

Still, at least she provided Twitter users with some much-needed laughs.

And perhaps even gave her kid some French lessons in the meantime...