KFC Throws The Tories' Anti-Corbyn Chicken Jibe Back In Their Faces

'Don't @ me' – the fast food franchise's response was delicious.

KFC rebuffed the Conservative Party’s attempt to rope them in on their ongoing ‘Jeremy Corbyn is a chicken’ banter – and the crowd went wild.

Tweeting the fast food franchise on Friday, the Tories wrote: “Hey @KFC_UKI, we’ve found an even bigger chicken than you”, attaching an image of Corbyn in a chicken suit to KFC.

The KFC UK Twitter account shared the party’s post and replied: “This is KFC not LBC don’t @ me”.

The response was sharp, spicy and “finger licking good”.

One user reacted: “Fuck vegetarianism, I’m on a bucket a day starting TODAY. You guys. THE PRIDE!”

Another person wrote: “KFC, delivering zingers in more ways than one”.

It’s been a difficult week for the Tories, so they were obviously keen to go out on a high.

The party orchestrated a campaign on Friday that saw several batches of cheap-looking, definitely-not-fried chicken delivered to lobby journalists at parliament.

Keen to keep the chicken momentum going, the poultry was accompanied by anti-Labour press releases.

A number of journalists confirmed that the food had been dropped off at the lobby by someone wearing a chicken suit.

The ‘Fowl Play’ press release read: “Move over Colonel. Jeremy Corbyn’s the new biggest chicken in town. He’s been saying he wants an election for nearly two years - but now he’s running scared from one”

“Jeremy Corbyn and Labour don’t respect public votes, and their Surrender Bill means more dither and delay on Brexit. When it comes to Brexit, Jeremy Corbyn’s winging it,” it continued.

“The Choice is clear. Does Boris Johnson lead negotiations with the EU on 17th October? Or does Jeremy Corbyn do eggsactly what Brussels says, meaning a bad deal for Britain, more uncertainty, and more delay?

“People need the chance to make that choice, so we can move on as a country. Jeremy Corbyn needs to pluck up the courage to back an election”.

Reaction to this stunt has been swift.

A user, Jarmo, wrote: “Foodbank usage up every year and the tories are wasting produce on terrible banter”.

“Someone from the Tory party that chucked out @NSoames and @DavidGauke this week is giggling their way round the lobby corridor dressed in a chicken suit and handing these out. Jeremy Corbyn is “the biggest chicken in town” apparently. Give me strength,” one editor wrote.

“Conservatives committing to the whole “Corbyn is a chicken”. HARD. A “JFC” delivery has just been made to the press gallery,” another journalist wrote.

At Prime Minister’s Questions, a parliamentary session when MPs have an opportunity to quiz the UK leader each Wednesday, Johnson hurled harsh criticism at Corbyn after losing a vote on his Brexit plans late on Tuesday.

The PM accused the Labour leader of running scared of his call for an early election on October 15.

“There’s only one chlorinated chicken that I can see...and he’s on that bench,” Johnson said, pointing at Corbyn. He also appeared to shout at Corbyn that he was a “great big girl’s blouse” over his decision to back an election only when a no-deal Brexit was off the agenda.

Johnson’s bird insult prompted widespread media coverage including a front page photo on The Sun newspaper of the Labour leader’s face on chicken.


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