'Frozen 2' Is On Its Way – And Parents Are More Excited Than Their Kids

There's no way on earth we're letting it go. We can't WAIT.

Like any good parent, I’ve watched ‘Frozen’ at least 532 times. I’ve squeezed myself into a blue synthetic Elsa dress designed for 7-8 year olds, pretended the bedroom was an ice palace and fought my way out, and once came home to see my husband making dinner wearing a long blonde plait and tiara.

I’ve turned the lights out in the living room, put the disco ball on and sung (or screeched) ‘Let It Go’ at ear-splitting volume. And I’ve done the same at karaoke with a bunch of friends on a Saturday night, too, when there weren’t even any kids around. ‘Frozen’? Yeah, I dig it.

So you can imagine my high-octane excitement at the news that ‘Frozen 2’, the sequel, is coming out, after six years in the making – in November. Omg. We’ve even been treated to a two-minute teaser trailer.

There’s a raging sea, Elsa looks a bit like a superhero (or one of the X-Men), there are ice shards and Anna abandoned in the woods and Kristoff riding Sven the reindeer super-fast, and Olaf (of course)... it looks EPIC. I can’t wait – and I’m not the only one.

Parents have turned to Twitter to express their excitement at the return of (okay, I’ll say it) the best film ever – in hilarious (if slightly worrying) ways.

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It Means A LOT To Some People.

But For Others, It’s All About The Costumes.

And This Dad Summed It Up Perfectly

Because it’s not about the kids at all, is it?