Mum Stages Photoshoot To Show Daughter She Is More Beautiful Than Frozen's Elsa

'Because you are beautiful.'

For any parent, building their children’s confidence is an important part of helping them grow up, but that doesn’t mean it is always easy.

Now one mum has shared a stunning photoshoot she was inspired to do after her daughter asked why she “was not as pretty” as her favourite Disney princess, Elsa.


The five-year-old was not impressed when her mum initially responding by jsut saying that she was “far more beautiful” than the fictional Frozen character, who is her current ‘crush’.

“Your eyes darken. And I understand,” she said.

Instead of accepting her daughter’s dissatisfaction with the answer, it played on her mind and so she decided to do a photoshoot with her daughter to show her the beauty she sees in her everyday.

They went out to the woods to take the pictures, with a quick fix of “dress, flowers, forest.”

But the mother expressed her concern for the future when her daughter gets older and this solution won’t be enough to dissolve concerns about the way she looks.

Sharing the photographs on the Love What Matters Facebook page, the anonymous mum said: “I’m still here, wondering how I am going to teach you something that I am still learning myself. How do I raise a woman that accepts, embraces, revels, celebrates who she is?”

“Because what you felt earlier, the dark I saw in your eye: it’s a lie that whispers in every woman’s ear. All of us…It won’t always be as easy as a pretty dress and photo shoot. And what when quick fixes don’t work?”