The 10 Funniest Kids' Jokes Of 2021, According To The Beano

"Where’s the best place to take a dog for a walk? Leeds.”

A Dundee primary school class has been crowned the UK’s funniest with a topical joke about face masks.

Class 5B from Forthill Primary School entered the Beano’s annual competition to find Britain’s Funniest Class, and came out on top with their timely submission joke winning 21.7% of the public vote.

And the gag goes as follows.

“What did the face mask say to the mouth?” “Let me cover for you!”

Boom, tish.

The joke was one of 10 shortlisted by a panel at the DC Thomson comic before the public decided which they found funniest. Beano’s Mike Stirling presented the class at Forthill with the official trophy, alongside a bundle of goodies including Beano subscriptions for all the children.

“We’ve learned our greatest gags have always come from kids themselves and Britain’s Funniest Class has schooled us yet again, raising some much-needed chuckles in classrooms,” he said.

Beano’s favourite kids jokes of 2021

1. Forthill Primary School: “What did the face mask say to the mouth? Let me cover for you!”

2. Greystones Primary School: “What did the teacher say to the comic lover as a punishment? There will Beano comics for you.”

3. St John the Baptist Primary School: “Where’s the best place to take a dog for a walk? Leeds.”

4. Upton Meadows Primary: “Knock knock. Who’s there? Justin. Justin who? Justin time to read Beano.”

5. Bradford Christian School: “What did Minnie change her name to when Rubi’s ‘Growth Ray’ experiment went wrong? Minnie the Shrinks!”

6. Hampton Hill Junior School: “Why did the mobile phone go for an eye test? Because it lost its contacts!”

7. Howardian Primary School: “What did the pen say to the rock? Nothing, because pens can’t talk.”

8. Uffculme Primary School: “What does a scary panda say? Bam boooooooo!”

9. Finton House School: “What is the coldest Christmas food? Pigs in blankets.”

10. Porthcawl Primary School: “Why didn’t the robber steal Bea’s sweets? Because no one would stoop that low!”