The Beano

"Where’s the best place to take a dog for a walk? Leeds.”
Mandi is here to help children navigate the highs and lows of technology.
The Beano Book iPad Case is available via Big Strawberry. And so here we are: the final review. In almost three years of
'The Beano' has arrived in Minecraft. An official mod for the near-ubiquitous block-building survival game has launched with
London's St Pancras station is being taken over by the Beano, with typical Dennis and friends' mischief and mayhem. For thirteen delightfully cheeky weeks, starting this half term break, the Beano characters as well as behind the scene creatives, will be putting a smile of people's faces, no doubt rekindling fond childhood memories for many.
A Bananaman movie has been confirmed! The British superhero who drew his power from not bats, nor spiders, but bananas, will
David Beckham and Sir Alex Ferguson are among the cast of celebrities making an appearance in the 75th anniversary issue
One Direction stars are to join characters from The Beano after being immortalised in a cartoon strip for Comic Relief. The
A royal tribute from Kate Moss and a politically-minded Dalek will fight it out for the title of the greatest magazine cover