8 Tweets From People Who Are Really Nailing Divorce

'I can finally eat peas again.'

No matter what the cynics say, when you’re putting a ring on it, no one ever imagines it will end in a bitter divorce.

But s**t happens and sometimes the right thing to do is go your separate ways and start again.

And in these difficult times it is important to know when to make the best of a bad situation. So follow the lead of these people who are totally nailing the whole divorce thing.

1. When you bring the right snacks to the proceedings.

2. When you move on almost immediately.

3. When you can finally eat peas again.

4. When you get divorce and shopping done at the same time.

5. When you finally get to have the wedding photos you always wanted.

6. When you know it’s keeping you youthful.

7. When you just make the most of it.

8. When you don’t let it put you off marriage.