21 Tweets About Brits Trying (And Failing) To Work Through A Heatwave

"Shout out to all the lucky ones working from home today in their pants."
Mindful Media via Getty Images

Anyone who lives in the UK knows our personalities centre around the weather. Considering it rains a high percentage of the time in this country of ours, it only make sense. So when a heatwave decides to appear out of nowhere the whole country starts buzzing.

With what emotion, however, depends on your weather temperament. When it’s sunny, everything can feel more manageable. It’s easier to get outside, and you generally feel more alive.

But not everyone enjoys being in a heatwave, especially when we have to work through one. Either way, everyone has thoughts around the high temperatures this week and here’s what they are.

Extreme heat in the UK is not it

Friday is 34 degrees…

I don’t know if I’m happy about that lol.

Heat does NOT work well in the U.K. 😭

— MULAH. (@HayleyMulenda) June 15, 2022

Tomorrow going to down to London but discovered it is going to be 33 degrees. pic.twitter.com/y6r0z2AW4i

— Kris V-M (@hammard_1987) June 16, 2022

It’s gonna be 33 degrees on Friday.. London is not equipped for this kinda heat.. it’s gonna go into a meltdown 🤣🤣🤣

— Mike Hough (@mikehoughmusic) June 14, 2022

Working in the heat is near impossible

You’re telling me I’ve got to work in this heat on Friday 💀💀 pic.twitter.com/NjrtCezvMG

— TJ🏴 (@Tyr3seEra_) June 15, 2022

Having to go into work on Friday in that heat should be illegal

— AD (@aydrianv) June 15, 2022

every time the weather gets hot in the UK we should be talking about the need for maximum working temperatures!!!! if you’ve ever worked in a 40 degree kitchen with no ventilation my solidarity is with you

— Daisy Carter 🚩 (@daisycarterLAB) June 15, 2022

And it’s worse for some than others

please pray for everyone working in the service industry during the heatwave

— 𝐀𝐌𝐘 (@WlTCHH) June 15, 2022

working in a kitchen when there’s a heatwave is not it

— eilidh | cr; reading slump🫠 (@honestlysvu) June 16, 2022

Shout out to all the people working in the heat especially construction men 🫶🏼

— caro (@_caroop) June 14, 2022

It’s going to be hot hot hot today 🥵Let’s keep all our patients cool and hydrated, but also make sure we keep ourselves fed and watered #frimleyfamily! Working in uniform is tough on these days isn’t it?! #britishsummer #heatwave

— FHFT Wexham Palliative Care Team (@FHFT_Palliative) June 17, 2022

Happy 1 day heatwave

Enjoy it ya lucky bastards, working in a 40+ degree factory promises to be a dream of a day 😵💫

— Andrew (@andy_cov93) June 17, 2022

Not least the hay fever gang

need to store my eyes in a jar of water until this heatwave is over

— Ryannnn (@RJKember16) June 17, 2022

Air con, what air con?

Britain’s main defence against a heatwave: pic.twitter.com/blzAtyaJdv

— VeryBritishProblems (@SoVeryBritish) June 13, 2022

If there was ever a time to work from home, it’s now

Shout out to all the lucky ones working from home today in their pants 🥵 #heatwave #hot #fridaymorning #FridayMotivation pic.twitter.com/GqDTyTgIhi

— Mums' Army (@Mums_Army) June 17, 2022

WFH on a sunny afternoon reality: having to go inside after 20 mins as phone and laptop pack can’t hack the heat 😂😂😂😂😂

— Paige ≅ 🖤 🇺🇦 (@paige_morrison) June 14, 2022

But even though it’s bloody hot we still love it

I wish the UK had hot weather all the time. It’s such a beautiful country when the sun is out 😍

— 🏁TMC🏁 (@yoivan__) June 16, 2022


— Cheryl Bell (@dog09673452) June 16, 2022

the weather in the uk is beautiful I’m loving it it’s finally hot

— anj 🐻 SHOP OPEN NOW!! (@NEOIDIO) June 16, 2022

Oh, and spare a thought for the Scots

WTF 🤦♂️🤯 #scotland #Heatwave pic.twitter.com/fCgPmps6Ns

— Howie Mac™ ©️ (@HowieMac77) June 17, 2022

Pissing of rain in Scotland. Heatwave in England. We need independence to get better weather and stop Westminster stealing all our subshine.

— Dougie (@55Beats10) June 17, 2022

Scottish heatwave #RainyDay #dogwalking pic.twitter.com/hGkRsEvgtj

— Lindsay Branston (@TheBranstons) June 17, 2022