13/03/2017 16:29 GMT

London Hairdresser Adopts Gender-Neutral Pricing In A Move For Equality

A price that's right for equality ✂️

Going to the hairdressers can be expensive, especially if you’re a woman, but one London salon is doing their bit for equality by doing away with gendered pricing.

Not Another Salon will now be charging according to the style, not the gender of the head. 

Hello, extra pounds at the end of the month; Goodbye, tears of poverty due to another costly cut. 

Not Another Salon

Sophia Hilton, founder of Not Another Salon, has introduced gender-neutral pricing for all and operates a ‘No Judgement Policy’. 

“I​ really believe that in this generation judging pricing on gender is massively out-dated,” says Hilton.

“I’ve got girls with skinheads and boys with hair down to their backsides so to me, it’s clear, I should be pricing on the job - not what’s in their pants.”

Team mates who dress together... stay together. Boss lady @hiltonsophia and front of house @makeupmannequin #yellowhair

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 And it doesn’t stop there. 

“We’ve got a growing number of transgender, transsexual and gender fluid clients so the industry needs to be in tune with this,” added Hilton.

“In order to be a true ‘no judgement policy’ company, I have analysed every part of what we do to help in leading a future generation who are trying to find their way in an old fashioned world.”

Today is Leopard print day.

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This isn’t the first time the discussion of haircuts not having been created equally has arisen. Back in 2013, Denmark’s Board of Equal Treatment ruled that a women with short hair must pay the same amount for a haircut as a man with short hair, after a woman submitted a complaint.  

It’s 2017, we’re all for haircut equality!

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