10/11/2017 00:02 GMT

Gender Pay Gap Quiz: Who Earns More Across The Sectors?

There are a few sectors where women are actually paid more.

As it is revealed that it will be another 100 years before the gender pay gap is closed if we keep moving at our current rate, we take a look at how the pay gap varies over different industries.

The Fawcett Society, which lobbies for women’s rights, has used Equal Pay Day - the day women effectively stop earning money because of the pay gap - to highlight the fact that progress in closing the gender pay gap has stalled in the last three years.

Since 2015, men have earned on average 14.1% more than women and if change continues at the same rate as that seen in the last five years, it will take another 100 years before the figure is brought down to 0%.

But can you figure out where the pay gap is worst? And where, in fact, women are actually paid more than the average of their male counterparts?

Test your knowledge with our quiz, based on data from the Office for National Statistics (ONS)