General Election 2017: Nine Celebrities Who Really Want You To Register To Vote

'Today is your last chance. Choose your future.'

At midnight, millions of people will miss out on their chance to vote in the General Election because they haven’t registered.

While more than two million people have joined the electoral register since Theresa May announced the vote last month, the Electoral Commission estimates that seven million more have yet to do so.

With the vote set to decide who will lead the UK for the next four years, it will determine the direction the country takes in terms of Brexit, tuition fees and social care.

The General Election will decide who leads the UK for the next four years
The General Election will decide who leads the UK for the next four years
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Still not convinced whether registering to vote is worth your time?

Check out nine famous faces who think it’s the most important thing you can do today.

1) Paloma Faith

“It’s really important for everybody that we have our voice.”

2) Adam Hills

“If you march but don’t vote - you’re a dick.”

3) Emma Watson

Who are you to ignore Hermione Granger?

4) Brian Cox

Everyone’s favourite physics boffin urged his 2.61 million Twitter followers to get themselves registered before June 8.

5) Gary Lineker

Never one to shy away from politics, the former footballing star reminded young people: “It’s your future”.

6) JME

After coming out as an unashamed Corbynista last week, grime star JME also urged his fans to register to vote.

7) Cara Delevigne

“Don’t lose out on your chance to have a say on your future!”

8) Ricky Gervais


9) Sam Claflin

Me Before You fans: take note.


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