voter registration

On deadline day alone, almost 660,000 people registered to vote – more than 250,000 of whom were under 25.
Overall, the IEC says it is happy with the way voter registration weekend went.
He was joined by young and old, who wanted to get close to the newly-elected president.
If suffragettes and democracy don't float your boat, surely dogs at polling stations do?
'Today is your last chance. Choose your future.'
11) This student Jack Slater, University of Leeds student and a passionate Labour activist, has put a lot of effort into
 2) Adam Hills  “If you march but don’t vote - you’re a dick.”  Read more on The Huffington Post  8) Ricky Gervais   #ClaimYourFuture
Since Theresa May announced a snap General Election last month, more than two million people have registered to vote on June
If ever the phrase 'sledgehammer to crack a nut' was apt, it's the idea that you should be forced to bring ID to the polling station when you vote. Today the Conservatives announced plans to introduce mandatory voter ID for elections across the UK - ostensibly to reduce alleged voter fraud.