22/05/2017 13:49 BST | Updated 22/05/2017 14:05 BST

Register To Vote: 11 Reasons You Should Sign Up Before Tonight's Deadline

If suffragettes and democracy don't float your boat, surely dogs at polling stations do?

As this Judge Judy Gif clearly illustrates, time is SERIOUSLY ticking towards the deadline to register to vote in the General Election.

Yup, you have until midnight tonight (Monday 22 May) to register to vote folks. Here’s how.

Don’t panic like Pikachu. But here are 11 reasons you really should register to vote.

1) Suffragettes died so women could vote

Women have only had equal voting rights to men since 1928, (that’s just 89 years) when an act was finally passed so females over 21 could vote (it was 30 in 1918).

This followed years of fighting for equal rights by the suffragettes, including Emily Davison, who walked out in front of the King’s Horse at the Epsom Derby on 4 June 1913. She died four days later on 8 June, which means the General Election this year falls exactly on the 104th anniversary of her death.

Many are urging people not to forget what Davison did, and exercise their right to vote - starting by registering.

2) It only takes a few minutes

Some are saying it just takes two minutes, others three. But either way, that’s really not much of the day, is it? What else might you do with that time?

3) You don’t need a fixed address

Don’t be voiceless.

4) You might not like the outcome chosen by others if you don’t vote

As this great video points out: “Don’t wake up and regret not doing it on June 8th because other people will vote and you might not like what they choose.”


5) People not voting last time outweighed votes for the winning party

So don’t all go telling us your vote can’t make a difference.

6) Your vote could make a difference

Imagine if everyone said: “Well, my vote won’t make a difference.”

7) Your opinion counts

We are lucky enough to live in a democracy and your vote will be counted.

8) Yes, you too young people

It might be your first election, you might think your vote doesn’t count. But young people listen up, your vote can and will count.

9) You might lose friends if you don’t

Especially if you have friends like this doctor.

10) If you don’t register to vote, you will miss out on #dogsatpollingstations

In case you don’t know, dogs at polling stations is the nation’s favourite Twitter trend on any polling day. It’s all about spotting cute canines at polling stations and sharing pics on social media. If suffragettes and democracy don’t float your boat, surely dogs do?

Check out thet recent edition of #dogsatpollingstations here

11) This student

Jack Slater, University of Leeds student and a passionate Labour activist, has put a lot of effort into encouraging you, especially young people to vote.

Our favourite bit is when he points out someone who doesn’t vote this time round will be five years older (and hopefully wiser) before they have a chance to exercise that right again.

How old will you be be in five years time? Don’t wait that long!


And make sure you don’t feel like this because you haven’t registered to vote by midnight.