George Conway Predicts Trump Will Go To Jail: 'He Should And He Will'

The conservative attorney says "the obstruction charges are so strong.”

Conservative attorney George Conway on Monday said the law will finally catch up with Donald Trump ― and predicted that the former president will find himself in jail.

Conway spoke with MSNBC’s Chris Hayes about a New York Times report that special counsel Jack Smith is examining Trump’s business dealings in foreign countries since 2017 as part of the probe into classified documents found at the Mar-a-Lago resort and allegations the former president obstructed justice in that case.

“I don’t think he needed a financial incentive to do what he did,” Conway told Hayes, saying that the former president’s “insane narcissism” alone likely led him to believe he could keep the documents and “show them off to people.”

“The only thing that could really make this worse is if... he had a FedEx slip showing that he sent them to the Saudis or the Kremlin or whatnot,” Conway said with a laugh. “And maybe he did that, almost anything is possible with this guy.”

Be he added that wouldn’t be necessary for Trump to go to jail “because the obstruction charges are so strong.”

Conway added:

“Ty Cobb, the White House counsel who handled, in the Trump administration, handled the Mueller investigation, went on national television the other day and said, ‘Trump’s gonna go to jail for this.’ And he should and he will because the obstruction case is just so strong.”

Conway has been a longtime critic of Trump from the right despite the fact that he was married to Kellyanne Conway, who was a key White House advisor to Trump at the time.

Trump in 2019 called him “the husband from hell.”

The two announced in March that they were divorcing after 22 years of marriage.

See more of his conversation with Hayes below, as posted on Mediaite:


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