Joe Tacopina withdrew from representing the former president "on all matters" last week.
MSNBC's Ayman Mohyeldin sent DeSantis off with a look at some of his most awkward moments on and off the campaign trail.
“That is not the action of a stable person," said the former Biden White House press secretary.
Former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi called Trump "grotesque" for his comments.
Jonathan Capehart fought back tears as he spoke with Michael Fanone three years after the violent riot at the U.S. Capitol.
Tim Alberta, staff writer at The Atlantic, said he was discouraged by interviews with several high-profile evangelical figures.
Jonathan Karl said this former official served "at a very high level" under Trump.
"This case gets to the heart of who Donald thinks he is and has been pretending to be for his entire adult life," the former president's niece said.
Lawrence O'Donnell called it "the stupidest possible thing he could say" under oath.
The former House speaker is urging the party's supporters to wrest back control from Trump's "fringe element."