George Galloway Told To 'F**k Off' By Labour MP For Demanding Tony Blair Expulsion

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A Labour MP who told George Galloway to "fuck off" for suggesting Tony Blair should be expelled from the party said there should be at least a "fleeting appreciation" for the former prime minister's electoral success.

To which Reed responded succinctly.

The Copeland MP told The Huffington Post he hoped the #ohfuckoff hashtag would catch on quickly.

“In the spirit of honest, straight forward politics I believe it’s important for Labour MPs to have at least a fleeting appreciation for the party’s most successful prime minister and capable election winner," he said.

"More importantly, this is the hashtag the world has been waiting for. I can see it on t-shirts, leaflets, mugs and more. Sadly, it’s now too late to secure the copyright."

On Wednesday evening, Reed rolled out his new hashtag across Twitter.

Yesterday, Blair attacked Jeremy Corbyn as the guy with the placard”, unable to change people’s lives because he was not in government.

The former Labour prime minister also slammed his successor for deciding to “do nothing” to protect innocent Syrians from President Assad’s barrel bombs.

A spokesman for Corbyn hit back. "If he’s suggesting that Jeremy Corbyn is leading a politics of protest, I would say that’s not correct,” he said.

"Jeremy Corbyn is leading the Opposition and building support against the Conservative government. What Tony Blair says is a matter for him. We are quite clear about our position in Syria and how you achieve peace.'

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