09/03/2017 13:27 GMT

George Galloway To Write Children's Book About An 'Ethical Pirate'

'The twat in the hat.'

George Galloway has signed a publishing deal to write a children’s book about an “ethical pirate” prompting a flood of presumably unwelcome title suggestions.

The former Labour and Respect MP will be the author of a new series relaying tales about a Robin Hood of the high seas.

The 62-year-old said he feels qualified to write for children as he is expecting his fifth and also has four grandchildren.

See Li via Getty Images
George Galloway will write a children’s book about an 'ethical pirate'.

He told the Guardian: “I’ve read to them a very large number of children’s books, and all of them have been fascinated by pirates. And judging by the success of Pirates of the Caribbean, it’s not only children who are fascinated by them.

“The problem is that pirates are such poor role models, drinking rum and carousing with women, cutting people’s throats and making them walk the plank and so on.

“This is about an ethical pirate. A kind of Robin Hood of the high seas, who is a husband and father, and his family come pirating with him.”

Galloway told the Guardian the book would be released in English, Dutch and Indonesian later this year.

It has not yet been announced who the publisher will be, nor what the book will be titled but people have helpfully offered a few suggestions regardless.

It is not the first time Galloway will venture into writing.

The former politician, who lost his Bradford West seat in 2015, has released books titled I’m Not The Only One, Fidel Castro Handbook and Mr Galloway Goes to Washington.