17/03/2017 12:53 GMT | Updated 17/03/2017 15:50 GMT

George Osborne's Appointment As Evening Standard Editor Prompts Some Other Amusing Hiring Suggestions

'Andrea Leadsom for editor of Vogue.'

George Osborne’s unlikely ascension to editor of London’s Evening Standard has opened the floor gates of people’s imaginations, prompting a torrent of suggestions for other possible future announcements.  

In a shock move on Friday the newspaper’s owner, Evgeny Lebedev, revealed the former chancellor’s appointment, saying he was “thrilled” to have landed the Tatton MP.  

Osborne’s fellow ministers, commentators, the public and even some of the Standard’s own staff, however, didn’t share Lebedev’s enthusiasm, not least because Osborne’s journalistic career is limited to unsuccessful applications to the Times and Economist, followed by a diary column in the Daily Telegraph.

The news led to other political figures, including former Labour leader Ed Miliband, making mock career announcements of their own.

While others had some hiring recommendations...

Osborne, who served as David Cameron’s right-hand-man for six years in government, will continue to sit in the House of Commons, the BBC reported.


He said in a statement: 

“Growing up as a Londoner, I’ve always known that the Evening Standard is an institution that plays a huge part in the life of the city and its people.

“Now it is a great honour that I can play a part as leader of the editorial team making the Evening Standard the definitive voice of the world’s most exciting city.”

Osborne will replace Standard editor, Sarah Sands, who was named in January as the new editor of the BBC’s flagship Today programme. 

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