George Osborne Tweets About The Economy, Gets Rinsed For It

'Er, are you ok? I mean, have you forgotten? Or not told the wife yet?'

A lot has happened in the world of UK politics over the last few weeks but you may well remember the sacking of George Osborne.

Despite now being *just* an MP, the ex-Chancellor has continued to offer his advice on the economy.

Today for instance he chimed in on interest rates.

The public for their part have just thoroughly enjoyed reminding him that he was in fact sacked...

It was around 7pm on a Wednesday evening when the world learned George Osborne had resigned from the Government during Theresa May’s cabinet reshuffle.

Then minutes later it transpired it may have actually been far more brutal and he’d actually been fired.

After more than six years in the Cabinet, Osborne he was being unceremoniously dumped and replaced as Chancellor by Philip Hammond.

There did appear to be some people who had missed the whole episode though...

But there were still the classics.

And even some career advice.

And to finish just for the hell of it...