Giovanna Fletcher Shares 18-Month-Old Buddy's Dinner Time Habit On Instagram And Parents Can Relate

Does your toddler do this?

Giovanna Fletcher shared with her fans the dinner time habit her 18-month-old son has developed, and parents can definitely relate.

The author, who is mum to Buddy and three-year-old Buzz with her husband, McFly’s Tom Fletcher, explained that Buddy is not a fan of sitting in his highchair when it is time to eat.

“Buddy is being a little monkey lately,” she shared on Instagram on Monday 7 August.

“He’ll sit in his highchair for a few mouthfuls of dinner (enough to curb his hunger) before kicking off.”

The mum continued: “The reason? He wants to sit in a chair like the rest of us.

“As soon as that happens, he turns back into the happiest little chap.”

She shared a photo of Buddy’s adorable smile, no doubt when he was sitting in a chair like his big brother.

Buddy isn’t the only toddler that isn’t a fan of his highchair at dinner, by the look of the comments on the photo.

“My son is the same, I gave in and let him sit on a chair now, he manages to eat somehow,” a mum wrote.

Another commented: “This is my son all over. Had to give in and let him sit on a dining chair. It isn’t worth the tantrums.”

Others offered solutions Fletcher could try to make Buddy feel more “grown up”.

“My daughter now has a booster seat so we can strap her in but she feels like a ‘big girl’ like her older siblings as she’s sitting at the table,” one wrote.

“We got a really good travel seat that made ours feel part of the table,” commented another.

And another person added: “When I worked as a nursery nurse in a toddler room we had chair slings - a kind of cloth harness you tie to a chair so they’re safe but feel more grown up and not different to the rest of you.”

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