07/06/2017 10:33 BST

Sassy One-Year-Old Clapping Hands And Answering Dad Back In An Argument Becomes Internet Queen

'I don't wanna hear it!' 😂

A two-year-old has become an internet sensation after a video of her answering her dad back when she was just one year old has been shared online. 

Her parents - Brittany Lott, 24, and Ammons Dinkins, 28, - filmed the interaction a year ago, but only recently shared it publicly for the first time.

“With her dad, Jordan has this playful relationship,” Lott told BuzzFeed News. “He’s really goofy so he plays with her.”

In the video, Dinkins and Jordan are seen having a disagreement about “nothing”, the couple said.

Dinkins starts off by telling his daughter not to clap her hands at him. She replies (clapping her hands) saying: “I don’t wanna hear it.” 

Dinkins replies: “I don’t wanna hear what you saying, I didn’t wanna hear it first.

“The only reason I’m talking is cos you’re talking.”

Jordan, meanwhile, carries on clapping her hands, shouting: “I don’t wanna hear it.”


“Father-daughter moment about a year ago,” Lott captioned the video. “They’re inseparable but fight like an old couple.”

The video had more than 137,000 likes within a week of being posted and people were impressed by the young girl’s arguing skills.

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