Woman Asks For Weed On Twitter, Sarasota Police Department Offer Their 'Assistance'

Bad idea, when you think about it.

Twitter is a wonderful invention, allowing many of us to stay in touch with current events, find jokes to laugh at and track the goings on of mundane celebrities.

But this woman decided to use it in a different way - to try and pick up some drugs.

Being a public forum, anyone could see the tweet - and in a bizarre turn of luck, the local police department caught sight of it.

Being police officers, they had a rather rye response and decided to ask the tweeter to stop by and speak to them.

They could've at least said something tongue in cheek like "we've got loads in our evidence locker, why don't you come on down?".

Luckily she wasn't too perturbed by the thought of the local coppers seeing her quest for Mary Jane.

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