14/03/2017 10:27 GMT

Girl Comforted Six-Year-Old Flying Alone To Meet Her Grandma, Gets Rewarded By Airline For Her Kindness

'Emma got to be a big sister for her.'

A girl comforted a six-year-old who was alone on a flight and was rewarded for her kindness by the airline. 

Emma Morgese, 10, and her dad Philippe, who runs the Daddy Daughter Hair Factory in America, met six-year-old Elli while they were waiting for their flight.

The pair chatted to Elli’s mum, Cora, who explained Elli was flying alone to visit her grandmother in Orlando during the school holidays.

Emma offered to let Elli sit next to her on the flight, much to Cora’s relief.

Philippe Morgese shared the story on his Facebook page on 6 March, writing: “We volunteered to keep an unaccompanied minor company during our flight home. It was her first time flying and I could tell she was nervous.”

Morgese continued: “Emma got to be a big sister for her and even taught her how to braid. It was such an adorable experience. 

She offered to walk her to the bathroom, and she chatted with the flight assistants while waiting for her to finish.

“Then she made sure she washed her hands.”

The photos show Emma and Elli braiding their hair, watching programmes on Emma’s tablet and playing Uno. 

Morgese explained when they landed, they accompanied Elli to her aunt at the gate and saw her off. 

“Emma you are an amazing girl with beautiful heart you can be really proud of yourself and I’m sure your dad is proud of you too,” someone commented on the photos.

Another person wrote: “You two are amazing. Emma you are a stunning and adorable young lady.”

After seeing the story shared on Facebook, the airline - Frontier Airlines - wanted to reward Emma for her kindness on the flight.

“Frontier Airlines messaged me and offered a gift certificate for Emma’s next flight with them,” Morgese wrote on the comments. “How cool is that.”

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