Secret Life of Five-Year-Olds: Girl Sobs When Told She Can't Vote During Special All Girls Episode

'It’s so poignant.'

A girl sobbed as she was told she wasn’t able to vote during an episode of ‘Secret Life Of 5-Year-Olds’ marking 100 years since women won the right to vote.

A group of nine five-year-olds took part in the show, which follows kids around the classroom and playground as they participate in tasks and activities.

The girls, who were sat on either a blue or purple step, were told that afternoon they were able to decide which activity they were going to play (hook a duck vs. tunnel of terror) by voting.

“If you are sitting on the blue step, you get to have the vote,” one of the teachers said.


Saoirse Hanna, from London, wasn’t sitting on the blue step and was devastated she wasn’t able to take part in the vote. She started sobbing and said: “It’s not fair, I wanted to vote.”

Soon after another girl in the group - Darcy - told Saoirse: “I’ll give you my vote if you want.” An offer she keenly accepted.

Watching the interactions, Dr Elizabeth Kilbey, a consultant clinical psychologist in the NHS said: “It’s so powerful, for an arbitrary reason, she can’t do what the others are able to do. It’s so poignant.”

The ‘Secret Life of Five Year Olds: All Girls’ airs Tuesday 6 February on Channel 4 at 8pm.

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