Girlguiding Launches New Mental Health 'Think Resilient' Badge


Girlguiding has launched a new mental health badge called 'Think Resilient' to promote wellbeing in young girls and women.

The badge, which was unveiled on Tuesday, has been developed by Girlguiding members and charity YoungMinds.

<strong>The new Girlguiding badge</strong>
The new Girlguiding badge

The programme aimed at seven to 25 year olds, which Girlguides will have to complete to earn the badge, aims to give girls a "vital space to talk about their mental wellbeing".

Young Girlguides will be educated by "peer educators", and interactive activities will be used to help girls find positive ways of dealing with pressures and stress.

Heather Goult, a 25-year-old who helped create the badge, said: "Girls are telling us that mental health is a key concern to them, and so I’m really pleased to be part of the team who have created this badge to help girls build the skills they need to face the pressures and challenges that come their way in life."

Research by the charity published last year showed two in three girls aged 11 to 21 know a young female who has experienced a mental health problem.

Zoe Dowler, a 24-year-old peer educator, said she was "really proud" to help develop the programme.

"I know low mental wellbeing is a major issue affecting the daily lives and ambitions of lots of young women my age.

"Many girls feel there is a stigma attached to talking openly about their mental wellbeing. I hope this resource will help to change that, giving girls the positive and practical solutions they need to build resilience and a safe space to share what’s on their mind."

<strong>Girlguiding peer educators talking to younger members</strong>
Girlguiding peer educators talking to younger members

Julie Bentley, chief executive of Girlguiding, which has more than half a million members, said: "It’s vital girls find the right support they need to talk about serious issues affecting their lives, which is why Girlguiding champions peer education, and the safe, supportive and inclusive environment it offers girls to discuss important matters with their peers."

Sarah Brennan, CEO of Young Minds, added: "Girls face particular pressures which can completely knock their self-esteem and lead to mental health problems. Therefore it’s vital that we help them to build their resilience to navigate the world they are growing up in today.

"Peer to peer is a really powerful and effective way to educate, and we are really proud to have been a central part of creating this pathway to help girls and young women build their emotional strength and resilience."

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