The Labour MP for Batley and Spen is auctioning the dress she wore in the Commons for Girlguiding – and bidding has already passed £2,000.
From the state of her toes to the worst thing she's stepped in, Anna McNuff shares all.
Here's why the organisation's equality and diversity policy is hitting headlines.
Girls can also gain badges in upcycling, women's rights and mindfulness.
'Technology is for everyone, regardless of gender or age.'
'This will help to tackle the gender stereotypes girls often face.' ✈️💪
Attention feminists: want to help empower the next generation of girls? You need to watch Girlguiding’s latest recruitment
Girlguides in Manchester have launched a UK first with a new badge to tackle loneliness in old people. Youngsters have been
Right now, Shelter's priority is to listen to the community and work with local agencies to support all those who have been affected by the fire - those who lived in the tower and those who live near it, and to make sure we do that in the most helpful way.
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Transgender kids will be welcomed at Rainbows, Brownies and Girl Guides.
New guidelines from Girlguiding state that transgender children and leaders are welcome in the organisation in a move to
To mark day seven we are encouraging everyone to speak out to ensure girls and young women are treated equally in their schools, colleges or universities. If a young girl can challenge the voice of an older male teacher in Togo, we hope you can take a couple of minutes to make your voice heard too.
I have been a member of Girlguiding my whole life and was going to weekly Rainbow meetings before I was even born (my Mum was a leader). Twenty years later it's still something I spend a lot of my time doing - I absolutely love it!
Girlguiding has launched a new mental health badge called 'Think Resilient' to promote wellbeing in young girls and women