Girls Thought They Met Maui From 'Moana' And He Made Their Experience One To Remember

A case of mistaken identity has never been so cute.

Two sisters couldn’t contain their excitement on a trip to the supermarket when they thought they’d met the real-life Maui from the film ‘Moana’.

Ryley, eight, and Rylyn, five, from Hawaii, US, were shopping in Costco with their mum when they met a cashier who resembled the Disney character.

Jumping up and down, they shouted at him: “That’s Maui”. They were over the moon when he invited them round the back of the counter.

To their surprise, the cashier lived up to the character and shouted out his signature catchphrase: “chee-hoo!”.

The girls’ mum, Rella Rivera, said her daughters now look for the cashier every time they do a food shop.

“Every time he sees my daughters now, he yells out to them with a ‘chee-hoo!’ and they love it,” she told PEOPLE.

“It brought so much joy to my face to see how excited the girls were.”

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