Glastonbury Weather: You're Going To Need Those Wellies

The festival returns for 2019 – and it looks like campers should prepare for a weekend in the rain.

In seven days’ time, nearly 200,000 people will be setting up camp at Glastonbury – and it looks like they could be doing it in the rain.

If you’re a ticket holder then you’re probably spending this week gathering together your supplies and dusting off your wellies.

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Unfortunately, a quick glance at the weather reports suggests you can leave the sunnies at home and perhaps double check that your boots don’t have any holes in.

While it’s a little too early to predict exactly what the skies will be looking like, the Met Office is warning that low pressure (which is the ghastly stuff that causes rain) will be sticking around across the whole of the UK next week with their forecast predicting “unsettled” weather, with “further bouts of heavy rain and thunderstorms likely”.

The BBC’s weather forecast for Pilton, the closest village to the Worthy Farm site, paints an even more dismal picture, with thunderstorms expected until 10AM as people begin arriving on Wednesday.

BBC Weather

They predict the rain will then ease off, before showers return at around 2pm, continuing throughout the afternoon.

A spokesperson for the Met Office added to HuffPost UK: “We’ve got a bit of uncertainty from Sunday into Monday at the moment but hopefully that will get firmed up the closer we get.

“What we can see is the broad scale outlook is looking like we will never be too far from low pressure, so it would be sensible for people going to Glastonbury to pack wet weather gear and certainly take some wellies with them.

“It’d certainly be wise to take the waterproofs with you.”

Still, at least it won’t be like the 2016, which is the year the Eavis family cite as having the worst weather in Glastonbuy’s 49-year history.

Recalling what it was like on-site that year, Emily Eavis recently told The Times: “I’ve never had so many people in tears in my office. The beefiest security guards, they’d walk in and just weep.

“There were very strong suggestions that we pull the entire festival. The roads were blocked, we couldn’t get people on or off site.”


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