Ever Wondered What Your Dog Is Up to At Home? Now You Can Watch

Prepare to be disappointed.

How often do you feel bad about leaving your canine friend alone at home all day whilst you’re out at work? Well worry no more.

Now the world’s first ‘smart’ bone will keep your dog active for up to eight hours while you’re not together.

The GoBone was designed by engineering graduate Santiago Gutierrez and inspired by his dog Rufus.

Gutierrez was concerned about leaving Rufus alone for extended periods of time without any company or exercise so he quit his job and begun his own startup.

GoBone has now raised almost $90,000 in kick-starter funding donations and has over 500 backers from across the world.

The ‘smart’ toy works by putting food or treats inside the rubber device, moves around your home on wheels. It will tailor movements to your dog’s breed, age, weight and other variables.

Not only does it stop your dog from getting bored or lonely, but it can keep you entertained on your lunch break too.

The iPhone app component means that owners are able to remotely control the GoBone, play fetch and even watch your dog with the camera function.

You can also record videos, because obviously all of your colleagues need to see how cute your dog looks.

So if you’re feeling inspired by the idea but worried that Fido would destroy the toy within minutes, then don’t worry.

Through two years of development and thousands of hours in testing, GoBone has been designed to have easily replaceable parts if necessary.

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