23/08/2017 11:16 BST

'Good Morning Britain' Presenter Richard Arnold Stuns Co-Hosts With Raunchy Routine

If there's a third 'Magic Mike' film, producers know who to turn to.

We don’t wish to be dramatic… but what the hell is going on in the world of daytime TV right now?

Fresh from ‘This Morning’ introducing us to the finest British icon of her generation (the girl saying ‘bim bom bim bom’ in an attempt to appoint herself as the next Big Ben), we’ve now had ‘Good Morning Britain’ showbiz presenter Richard Arnold making a right old show of himself during Wednesday morning’s (23 August) show.

First, viewers were treated to a pre-recorded interview between Richard and ‘Magic Mike’ actor Channing Tatum, which culminated in the host showing off his best stripper moves with a few hip wiggles and a sudden deep squat.

Channing Tatum is wowed by 

All we can say is that those ‘Strictly Come Dancing’ moves truly never leave you, do they?

When ‘GMB’ cut back to the studio, Richard decided to show his co-hosts Kate Garraway, Charlotte Hawkins and Jeremy Kyle (oh yeah, Jeremy Kyle is on ‘Good Morning Britain’ at the minute) what he was made of, climbing up on the desk and girating, questioning: “Is this too much for 6.50 [in the morning]?”

Probably, Richard, yeah.

No one really knows what's going on or where to look

While Jeremy looked a perfect mix of bemused and bewildered by his co-host’s display, Kate remarked: “I don’t think I can unsee that.”

It turns out Richard is no stranger to getting stuck in when it comes to his showbiz reporting, though.

Good grief
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