17/07/2018 12:16 BST

Google Will Now Help You Find A New Job

It'll even show you the salary you should be earning.

Not content with planning your commute or organising your next holiday Google will now help you find a new job.

The search giant has launched a brand-new feature that lets you literally search, compare and then apply for a job all from Google’s homepage.

All you have to do is search for a job such as ‘teaching assistant in Manchester’ and Google will trawl through some of the biggest recruiting agencies including Guardian Jobs, Reed, Haymarket and Totaljobs and then present them to you.


If you’re signed into your Google account you’ll be able to set up notifications when similar jobs get posted or even save the jobs you like so you can then revisit them on any device.

Once you’ve found a job you like you’ll be able to read a full description on it including salary, part time/full time and more.

Perhaps even more useful is the salary comparison feature which, thanks to Glassdoor and LinkedIn, will show you the types of salaries other people are getting paid doing that job.


Where Google finally hands over the reigns is in actually applying for the position.

At the top you’ll be directed through to the recruiting website in order to apple and as yet there’s no way to keep track of all your applications across each of those different sites.

At the moment Google isn’t charging these companies for this feature, instead it has been working in partnership with them to make as many of their jobs as discoverable as possible.

Having initially been launched in the US and parts of Europe the feature is available today so all you have to do is search for a job and it’ll immediately transition over into Google’s jobs comparison tool.